I have just had some super exciting news from my publisher, Book Guild. DORY’S AVENGERS, my début novel, has gone to press to be printed and bound. Within a month I will hold the first copy of my book in my hands, and I’m already feeling pretty overwhelmed at the mere thought. The day I actually receive my author’s copies will be a very emotional, jubilant and significant day in my life.

When I was five-years-old, like a lot of children that age,  I learned to read and write. I immediately embraced this knowledge as an amazing gift, and from that day I’ve had an insatiable appetite for the written word. Whether it be reading another writer’s work, or writing my own stories, blogs, reviews etc, the world of writing is my favourite place. Over four decades it has been a dream of mine to hold up a book and be able to say, ‘I wrote this!’

The beginning of July will bring the realisation of that dream.


3 thoughts on “Printed!

  1. AWESOME. It’s the most awesome feeling to hold your own book in your hands, so I hope you’ll relish every moment of it. It’s second only to holding your actual baby in your arms. Or maybe your wedding day! Feeling happy and excited with you, rock on!

  2. I am self published, so most of my books are ebooks, though I can also get them in paperback. My moment of awesomeness came when Exodus: Empires at War: Books 1 and 2 were selling 250 ebooks a day back in January. Book three is selling 125 a day for this month so far. But the real rush is getting the emails or blog replies from fans. Nothing better.

  3. The more I hear about self publishing in e-form the more tempted I am for my second book, as most people I know prefer their e-reader to hard copies now. It must be wonderful when something you’ve written sells so well, so big congratulations Doug. The reviews from complete strangers who have bought, read and loved your work must be the ultimate thrill. I can’t imagine anything better either!

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