The First Copies

Have you ever wondered how you’d feel at the moment a lifetime’s dream is realised? My personal dream was to see my own novel in print, and it was realised about an hour ago when a courier delivered the first copies of DORY’S AVENGERS. I’m not sure how I feel to tell the truth. Astounded. Awestruck. Fabulous. Very emotional.

I can’t stop touching these beautiful books.

I can’t stop smiling.

Dory's First Copies

Two of my beautiful hardbacks. I wrote this book!


4 thoughts on “The First Copies

  1. AMAZING! Oh, this is just the best moment, huge congratulations! I remember getting my first copies ~ I designated one the ‘Family Copy’ and stroked it about every five minutes for a week to make sure it was real. (Although I drew the line at putting it under my pillow… didn’t want it crumpled, LOL). HUGE congratulations, Alison, and pub day is nearly there! Rock on!

    • Nicky, you’ve just described exactly what I’m going through right now. I can’t believe my book is so beautiful…wait a minute…smell fresh print…admire cover art…flick through pages that I wrote…it IS so beautiful 😀

  2. Hi Alison! I love this blog and I wanted to show my appreciation. I don’t know if you’re an award-accepting blog but if you are: here’s a Sunshine Award for you:

    Happy blogging, and thank you xx

    BTW ~ if this isn’t a good time or you’re too busy to accept, or if this is an award-free zone, I understand. It’s just for a bit fun, so don’t worry! xx

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