Amazon is Despatching!

Earlier today I had a look at Dory’s Avengers on Amazon to see if the e-version of the book is being advertised yet. It isn’t, but I did discover that:

  • The hard copies of Dory’s Avengers are now being despatched by Amazon.


  • Amazon only has two copies left in stock!

There was me thinking DORY’S AVENGERS wasn’t published until next week! However, according to Book Guild, Amazon despatching now is perfectly acceptable and above board.

Of course, now I’m tempted to order a copy for myself… simply to see if the copies left in stock tally drops to one, you understand! The idea of ordering my own book puts me in mind of the elderly man attempting to track down a copy of ‘Fly Fishing’ by J R Hartley in the heart-warming old Yellow Pages advert. For those of you who don’t know what I’m on about:-

‘Hello, Amazon? Do you have a copy of Dory’s Avengers by Alison Jack? You do? Would you reserve it for me? Wonderful! My name? Ah yes, it’s Alison Jack.’

It’s no good. I’ve got to go and buy it…


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