Dory’s Soundtrack Day Four Follow You, Follow Me – Genesis

Monday 26 August

A large proportion of this year has been spent marketing Dory’s Avengers. Looking back I often long for the freedom of last year; freedom to write whenever I wanted without a care in the World. It never dawned on me that things would be different when the time came to write my second novel. ‘New Book’ is a work in progress, but it has to take its place among the daily blogging, networking and promoting essential for introducing Dory’s Avengers to as wide an audience as possible.

Marketing can be quite good fun too, especially when it involves hours of socialising on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter. Twitter in particular has been an invaluable tool in the marketing process, connecting me to a multitude of other bookworms and authors. Of course everyone else is doing the same as me: trying to market their product, but it’s always possible that people will read my tweets and investigate my work. I live in hope of a retweet from JK Rowling or Stephen King, which of course will bring all their fans rushing to me door…

Today’s track is in honour of Twitter. @AlisonJack66.

Follow You, Follow Me – Genesis


One thought on “Dory’s Soundtrack Day Four Follow You, Follow Me – Genesis

  1. HAHA, you gave me a belly laugh. I’ll never listen to this song without thinking of Twitter ever again. GREAT choice! Counting down the days with you… so excited!!

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