Dory’s Soundtrack Song of the Day: Dreaming – Blondie

Tuesday 27 August

This track takes me back to my schooldays; more significantly, to the out-of-school hours spent with close friend and kindred spirit Sue. Armed with a legion of Lego people, and borrowing heavily from our favourite books and TV programmes, we created our own World into which we’d disappear for hours. Some of the characters in Dory’s Avenger probably originate from the people who populated our dreamland back in those carefree days.

I believe Sue has kept some of my early attempts at novel writing, also hailing from that era of my life. Ahem…the less said about them the better!

Music played a huge part in our dreamworld. Debbie Harry and Kate Bush were our heroes; and, of course, we believed we could belt out a tune too! While Debbie and Kate were playing to sell out crowds, Sue and I were warbling to an audience of Lego folk and scaring off the neighbourhood cats. Hey ho, such is life.

Blondie was one of my favourite bands of the time, and remains a favourite to this day. Another thing that hasn’t changed from that day to this is the amount of time I spend in dreamland, and so this song couldn’t be more appropriate.

Today’s track is dedicated to Sue Cowley.

Dreaming – Blondie


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