Alison’s Advent Calendar Day Six – The Nerves are Kicking In

Unusually for me I have nothing to say today. Nothing whatsoever. This is due in no small part to the fact that I’m terrified! Tomorrow I’m going to be taking Dory’s Avengers to Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge, which is probably my best opportunity to date to market the hard copies of my book, and I’ve managed to sink into a rather negative mind-set. I now have nightmare images of lugging 100 hardbacks to the fair, only to endure the shame of not selling a single copy and having to lug them all home again. This mind-set is as unusual for me as having nothing to say; I’d certainly class myself as a ‘glass is half full’ sort of person generally, but not at the moment. I know I’ll be back to my usual optimistic self as soon as my first customer of the day arrives tomorrow – if they arrive. Then I’ll be okay. Then I’ll know I only have to lug 99 copies home…

I think I’ll shut up and stop moaning!


Advent Calendar 004

Advent calendar picture day six: A child and a squirrel.


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