Happy New Year, Happy News.


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I’m delighted to say I’ve started 2014 in a very positive frame of mind – well, once I got over the raging New Year’s Day hangover, that is! My editing website is gradually being tweaked into shape, and I’m finishing work for the authors who so kindly donated their manuscripts to help me hone my editing skills. Once that’s done, and more lovely manuscripts come rolling in for editing, then Alison’s Editing Service will be officially launched.

You may remember that I had a stall at the Mill Road Winter Fair last month, where I met a group of lively youngsters giving away copies of local magazine Cambridge Edition. Well, today I fired off a tweet to them, and within minutes was invited to get in touch and organise an interview to feature in a future issue.

Cambridge Edition

More information on that once it’s arranged, because I have some super exciting news, and this one’s a definite…

I’m going to be on the radio on Monday! Yes – Sue Dougan at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire has invited me to give an interview on her lunchtime show, and I am very excited about that.

The future’s looking good. Happy New Year.


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