Launching – The Monday Moan #TBSU

It’s about time I introduced some structure to my blog. Therefore, I am delighted to announce the launch of a brand new weekly feature – The Monday Moan. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good grumble from time to time? I don’t think it’s an exclusively English thing (although, as any self-respecting Aussie would tell you, we are particularly good at it), so in the future I will be inviting national and international guest moaners. In the meantime I have a healthy stash of my own moans, and there’s no better day to air them than on everybody’s favourite – a Monday.

The Monday Moan is going to be a light hearted jibe at the annoying little things that cause me to mutter under my breath, and my partner Andy to tell me to shut up. It’s not going to tackle serious issues, and it’s not going to be offensive or bigoted in any way, as that’s not the way I rock ‘n’ roll. So, without further ado, let’s introduce the very first….


Adverts. There are funny adverts (rare), annoying adverts (common), repetitive adverts (very common); but there always seems to be one advert doing the rounds that is particularly annoying. At the moment, my bugbear advert wants me to buy a contraption for controlling my heating at home while I am elsewhere doing – er – other things. Why I would want to be doing any of the nonsensical things suggested by the advert’s puerile song is beyond me. A five year old could have come up with more tempting suggestions; in fact, the lyrics sound like they’ve been written by a five year old who’s simply put together a string of silly words, regardless of whether or not they make sense. Going surfing on a camel or taking my parrot to Italy holds no appeal for me; I’d rather be controlling my own heating at home, thank you. That and the fact I still don’t remember the name of the contraption means I will not be buying one; so unless the advert’s intention was to achieve the dubious honour of becoming my first ever Monday Moan, it has failed.


If you would like to suggest a moan, or submit a guest moan, please let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Launching – The Monday Moan #TBSU

  1. I love it!! ! I agree aobut the adverts though i havent seen this one( dont think I want to eihter LOL)

  2. Ha! Loving this feature. Don’t get me started on adverts. Mr Wonga is driving me round the bend. TG the annoying opera singer has been axed. Divided viz the men with the moustaches. Bottom line–when an advert makes you groan, the brand has already lost. Will be back next week for more moans! LOL!

    • Sometimes the adverts that drive me round the bend do work, I guess because the brand name gets lodged in my brain whether I like it or not. I wanted to compare home insurance costs a couple of years ago, and where did I find myself looking? You guessed it – Go Compare! I was even humming the opera singer’s annoying tune LOL.

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