Alison’s Brain Has Left The Building #TBSU

question-marks-around-man-shows-confusion-and-unsure-100142268[1]The past two days have been busy, busy, busy for me. By the evening I am shattered; but it’s the happy, satisfied tiredness that comes as a result of a productive day’s work. At the end of a busy day I do enjoy relaxing with the puzzles in the daily paper, and my favourite puzzle is called the ‘Word Workout’. This involves a grid similar to a crossword, but instead of clues there are numbers in each blank box on the grid. Each letter is allocated a number; three letters are already noted beside their relevant numbers, and the puzzle is to work out which numbers apply to all the other letters in the alphabet.

Last night I got stuck. Hopelessly stuck. I was puzzling for hours over a four letter word, the second letter of which I knew to be ‘D’. None of the letters was ‘O’ as that had already been allocated a number which didn’t feature in this word. ‘Idea’ didn’t work as the last letter of the word couldn’t possibly be a vowel. Eventually I decided it must be ‘ides’, but once I started filling in the letters elsewhere I discovered this didn’t work either. My gut feeling was that the first letter should be an ‘E’ and the third an ‘I’, but could I think of a four letter word spelt E-D-I-something? Edil? Edim? Edif?

I came back to the puzzle over breakfast this morning, refreshed after a good night’s sleep, and got it straight away. How embarrassing! How did I not get that word? How obvious do I want it to be? After all, what do I do for a living?

Could the word perhaps be … E-D-I-T?

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2 thoughts on “Alison’s Brain Has Left The Building #TBSU

  1. LOL Sometimes our brain cells feel like having extra to drink, so they decieve us into thinking away from the answers – just to get us hot & bothered, thereby getting more blood pumping into the brain cavity LOL 😀

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