I Believe in Karma #TBSU

Speed CameraBeing a scatterbrain, I have just returned from a visit to the shop in the pouring rain to get all the things I forgot to buy at the supermarket yesterday. On the way home a car came hurtling along the road. The driver looked at me, looked at the puddles lining the road, and grinned – smugly. There was nothing I could do to avoid the inevitable as the pavement is narrow, and I stoically took the soaking as he sped through the puddles beside me.

I wonder if he even noticed my reaction. Instead of letting loose a volley of expletives, I burst out laughing. You see, I knew something he clearly didn’t know.

He was now the one unable to avoid the inevitable.

Flash-flash went the speed camera.

I got wet jeans. He’ll get a fine and three points on his driving licence. I love it when Karma acts so promptly, and so satisfyingly.

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