… incident at the fast checkout lane… a timely re-run of a post done more than 6 months ago… #TBSU…

Here’s a post from the lovely Seumas Gallacher, which I can’t resist reblogging as today’s Monday Moan.

Seumas Gallacher

‘…lightning never strikes twice in the same place’, ‘they’ say… ‘they’ are wrong… my local supermarket fast-checkout lane this morning was mugged by a multi-item purchaser with NOcash in hand… second time it’s happened when I’ve been there, and again, my best weapon had to be press-ganged into service… the broad Dockside Govan, Glasgow accent, loaded for fast-queue hijacking nutters… alas, as before, my attempt at sarcasm and education fell on unsurprisingly deaf ears… the culprit smiled and shrugged shoulders… the checkout girl acquiesced to the nutter’s need to proceed… but, I vow not to give up on this… my new grail… clearing the fast-checkout lane of imbecility… here’s a rerun of a post I did here when this last occurred with me present (goodness knows how many times a day it actually goes on…) …

… so which is it, punk?… ye can’t read?… or ye can’t count?… #TBSU…

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2 thoughts on “… incident at the fast checkout lane… a timely re-run of a post done more than 6 months ago… #TBSU…

  1. LOL love this one. My Monday Moan is–phishing emails. Especially if they are sending your threats about closing your bank account at a bank that you don’t even bank with. I mean, c’mon, people. Why bother? It’s not like anyone clicks on your dodgy links anyway….

    • Oh yes, I can relate to that moan Nicky. I’ve recently received a flurry of emails telling me that my PayPal account has been hacked and I need to supply my password to avoid it being suspended. Yeah, right-oh!

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