The Monday Moan – Bits of Paper #TBSU

Sainsbury'sI like to think I have a reasonably well developed ecological conscience. I don’t drive somewhere if I can walk; I sort out and recycle everything that is recyclable; I don’t flush fat down the sink and add to the alarming monstrosity clogging up the sewers.

I would also like to think, while I’m doing my little bit to save the planet, that large companies would play their part too. Alas, no. Most of us save paper wherever we can, opting to receive statements, messages, bills, even books electronically, so why, why, why (Delilaaah, la-la-lalalalala) does my local supermarket think I need a piece of paper to inform me that my shopping was £X cheaper than it would have been had I visited one of their rivals?

Don’t give me a bit of paper; simply tell me!

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One thought on “The Monday Moan – Bits of Paper #TBSU

  1. I love your Monday Moan! I agree if we should save they should also! ( iworked in a market and you would be surprised at teh cashiers that would change thier recipet paper when there was some on the roll left so they didnt run out midshift… not on my watch LOL. I also make stuff out of trash too LOL ( i do my part)

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