Alison’s Editing Office – Cupboard Conversion Part One

Work has started on converting my cupboard into the business premises of Alison’s Editing Service, and my trusty camera has finally been able to capture the work in progress. I know I initially promised a pictorial record from the very start of the conversion, but that simply wasn’t possible as I had to clear quite a substantial heap of junk out of the cupboard before I was able to take a photo worth sharing.


Seriously, this is the state of the cupboard after many hours of sorting, dusting, sneezing, sneezing some more and disposing. Ten years’ worth of junk and dust wasn’t going to shift without a fight. Er yes, that is a dalek in the corner. Come now, what did you expect? Of course my office is going to have its own resident dalek…

‘Get on with your work or you will be EXTERMINATED!’


My trusty walking boots, and some skanky old efforts belonging to Andy, will have to be rehomed…

…But there will always be a home for the vinyl…


…And more vinyl…


…And CDs, and DVDs.


At last I’ve uncovered some floor space.


I’ve even got a lightshade, although I’m not sure the spider’s web effect works too well in such a small cupboard – I mean, business premises.


Click image to find out more about Alison’s Editing Service.

DorysAvengers Cover Art

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