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Sponsored or Unsponsored – Which Would You Be?

Alison JackAm I alone in thinking sponsorship is taking over the world? Even advert breaks on television have their own sponsors – well, actually I think the sponsorship relates to the television programme rather than the commercials, but it won’t be long before we’re seeing this advert for Tescbury’s Supermarket is sponsored by Loan-shark-dot-com, which is sponsored by King McBurgers, which in turn is sponsored by the Campaign for Real Food…

Take football for example. The working class sport? Not any more! If a sponsor is loaded enough he can force a team historically known as the Bluebirds to play in red, or have a hissy fit and threaten to stomp back home with his ball (AKA money) if his pet club doesn’t change its name to the Multicolour Stripy Tigers. And if the fans, the so called ‘lifeblood’ of the beautiful game…

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