The Monday Moan: Spam-a-not.


Spam of the not so annoying variety.

I suppose I should thank the loser who hacked into my Twitter account yesterday while I was out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, being as he or she left me in no doubt as to the subject of today’s Monday moan.

I should, but I’m not going to.

Arrrgh, don’t you hate spam? What is the point? Does it serve any purpose other than to piss people off? Is that its intended purpose? Are spammers really so pathetically inadequate that their only pleasure is to piss off people they’ve never even met?

That’ll be a resounding yes then!

I wish to apologise to everyone who follows @AlisonJack66, and assure you all the spammy tweet that appeared on my account yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with me. The fact that the spam only lost me five followers, and the fact a lot of my followers were good enough to alert me to the fact I’d been hacked, suggests that most people realised this. I know how much spam annoys me, and I’m very embarrassed that such a Tweet appeared on my account in the first place. I’m even more embarrassed that it remained there all day while I was out playing. Passwords have been duly reset, and I bloomin’ well hope it doesn’t happen again.

Here endeth today’s Monday Moan. I really, really hate spam…


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5 thoughts on “The Monday Moan: Spam-a-not.

  1. Don’t worry too much about it, annoying as it must have been. It was obvious at a glance that this was not a genuine tweet by you. As for your hatred of spam, well, you’re hardly alone there… 🙂

  2. I realised what it was as soon as I saw the link. I was caught three times in one week last year and was on a merry go round of changing passwords. Some of them send out a virus so I hope no-one was caught by yours but rest assured, we know it wsn’t sent by you.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  3. …email spam and its cousins I abhor, But must confess that the consumable version does have a fan here… I think p’raps coz we were brought up on it in Docklands Govan… almost a bit of fine dining fare for us , m’Lady 🙂

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