Dory’s Avengers Book Launch – One Year On

One year ago today was the best day of my life. I went to bed on 28 August 2013 as a mere mortal, and woke up the next day as a published author.

IMG_1521Wow, I’m a published author. Those words still bring the hairs up on the back of my neck. My publication day, complete with book launch in the Cambridge branch of Waterstones, was everything I’d daydreamed it would be – and boy, can I daydream! Dory’s Avengers was released into the world in style; friends and family gathered to help me celebrate, sales were healthy and I managed to get through my speech without tears, despite coming close as I spoke of how I wished my sorely-missed parents could have witnessed my momentous day. Not so sure my mother would have approved of some of the choice language occasionally used by Dory’s Avengers’ more forthright characters, though…

One year on, I’m reminiscing fondly about my book launch. OK, I’ll admit I had expected to have attended a star-studded Dory’s Avengers film premier by now, or at least be anticipating the autumn airing of a Dory’s Avengers BBC drama. Sadly, neither has materialised. Would I have published via a different route if I’d known two years ago what I know now? Quite probably. Things haven’t really gone as I’d hoped at all, but nothing can detract from the memories of my wonderful publication day, or my pride in having published such a beautiful book, and nothing ever will.


The last year has seen my life go through yet more changes. During the publishing process I found out I have a natural aptitude and a huge enthusiasm for editing, and my fledgling copy-editing business, Alison’s Editing Service, is starting to find its wings and fly. Back in April I met fellow author, prolific blogger and champion of independent authors, Debbie Young, following a talk she was co-hosting at the Cambridge Literary Festival. Two days later we met up again at London Book Fair, where Debbie introduced me to Helen Hart, publishing director with SilverWood Books. This forward-thinking company offers every service a self-publishing author needs to produce a professional work – including copy-editing. I am proud to say that I have been employed by SilverWood Books to edit a number of manuscripts, and thanks to this work, along with manuscripts from an ever growing group of independent authors who like my editing style, I am lucky enough now to be making a living doing something I love.400dpiLogo

If anyone had told me a year ago that by the time I celebrated the first anniversary of my book’s publication I’d be successfully running my own business, the likelihood is I’d have laughed in disbelief. Mind you, if anyone had told me three years ago I’d realise my dream to become a published author it would probably have elicited a similar reaction.

Happy anniversary, Dory’s Avengers.

Champagne, anyone?

Book Launch Champagne 1


6 thoughts on “Dory’s Avengers Book Launch – One Year On

  1. Happy Anniversary. Savour the Bubbles of your Success as the Sweet Wine it is, whether it is a mere glassful or an entire Cask of Wine 🙂

  2. No way! Has it really been a year? It can’t be! I remember it like it was only just yesterday. Goodness, how time flies. Congratulations on your publication-a-versary, Alison! You should be very proud, regardless of what did or didn’t happen by way of star-studded bestseller-and-slash-or-movie-dreams. Publishing is a tough business, and the market has never been tougher than it is right now. I think you’ve achieved an amazing goal, and your own business is going from strength to strength. So yes, crack open the champers and celebrate, you deserve to. I hope you are also keeping writing? Maybe you’ll put the insights and experience you’ve gained to use and pursue other publishing avenues. The world, as they say, is your lobster (yes, I know it’s oyster, but I can’t stand the slimy beasts, but I simply adore lobster!) so go for it. Write on, publish on, edit on, and know that we’re all right there behind you. Go, Alison, Go! RA! LOL!

    🙂 Big hugs’n’kisses.

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