Flying October

I do apologise for the lack of recent blog posts. To my shame, I see my last post appeared at the end of August, but there is a good reason for this. My editing business is booming – flying, in fact – and I’ve been working like crazy to keep up. I 018hasten to add this is not a problem as I love to be busy, and I love to be involved in helping authors along the exciting road to publishing their books. Working with words will always be a pleasure for me, and to be making a living doing something I love has had my mood flying up the happy spectrum.


OK, why all the flying references? Well, my business hasn’t been the only thing flying over the past month. Leaves are floating around in abundance at this time of year, so it wasn’t particularly astonishing to see one flutter to the ground a little way ahead of me the other day. What was astonishing, startling even, was that it remained in my path as I approached, suspended in mid air and rotating gently. Well, I didn’t expect to be confronted by an airborne leaf as I walked to the shops. I looked under it, behind it, above it, photographed it (badly) and still it floated. If a leaf could look satisfied, I’d swear this one was the most self satisfied leaf ever. Yes, it had parted company with its tree, but it wasn’t ready to sink into mulchy obscurity just yet.


A couple of weeks ago we in the UK were hit by the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo. It had lost a lot of its ferocity during its journey across the Atlantic, but it still managed to treat us to some tree bending winds for a while. One particularly wild evening, while taking the rubbish out to the bins (I really know how to live!), I was greeted by a flying spider as soon as I opened the door. Yep, a stripy garden spider, legs waving merrily, bobbing along beside me as I crossed the yard. It could have been attached by a thread to something solid, but it did seem to travel a fair way with me. Spiders do sometimes travel on the air currents, but I’ve never had one accompany me to the rubbish bins before.

So what with business, leaves and spiders, October’s been a flying kind of month.


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