Books, Beautiful Books

One of the big houses in my home village has its own library. Oh, I’m so envious! Sometimes the owners forget to close the curtains in the evenings, and I have to resist the temptation to press my nose against the window like a hungry pauper outside a bakery in a Victorian novel (or a window licker in these less romantic times) and drool over the books. I love my trusty Kindle, so small yet so full of fabulous reading material, but nothing can beat the look, feel and smell of a real book. The scent of fresh print – mmmmm.

Moving swiftly on…

Books, Beautiful Books is the name of one of the Donkey Green marquee stalls coming to Mill Road Winter Fair on 6 December. The fair is a fabulous annual event in Cambridge, featuring an array of food, entertainment and stalls, and is well worth attending if you happen to be in the area (or fancy visiting our lovely city) on the first Saturday in December. And if you are coming to the fair, please do stop and say ‘Hello’ to six – yes, six – local authors running Books, Beautiful Books. We’ll be chatting about the writing life, selling and signing our books and generally having a wonderful time, and we’d love to see you there. (Donkey Green is next to Parkside swimming pool, a fact I didn’t know until last year’s fair.)


The Donkey Green marquee, Mill Road Fair 2013


Mill Road Fair 2013 in full swing

Books make lovely gifts (hint, hint) being easy-to-wrap, beautiful keepsakes. Books, Beautiful Books will be offering a variety of reading material: fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children’s books, and I’ll be introducing the authors and their work one by one on my blog over the next couple of weeks. I think you already know me (if you don’t, may I invite you to click on the ‘About Me’ and ‘Books’ tabs above). Briefly, I will be joined by Shahida Rahman (I met Shahida last year at Cambridge Central Library and can’t wait to catch up with her again), Susan Grossey, Michael Brown, Saffra Monteiro and Georgia Rose. We very much hope you’ll be able to come along to Mill Road, Cambridge between 10.30am and 4.30pm on Saturday 6 December and be a part of what’s shaping up to be a fabulous day.



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16 thoughts on “Books, Beautiful Books

    • Thank you, Debbie. I wish you could be there; Mill Road Fair is a lovely occasion, and a real celebration of proper Cambridge people. I just hope we get the same lovely winter sunshine we had last year 🙂

  1. Reblogged this on Susan Grossey and commented:
    Remember I mentioned the Mill Road Winter Fair and our “Books, Beautiful Books!” stall? Well, this is the lovely lady who is organising it all for us. If you’re local to Cambridge, do come and say hello – Saturday 6 December 2014, 1030 to 1630.

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