News! News!

I think it’s about time I resurrected my woefully neglected blog, don’t you?

The reason for my silence is one of the best possible from my point of view – Alison’s Editing Service has taken off in a big way and I’m super-duper busy. I have joined that lucky, lucky section of society who can say they make a living doing a job they love. I’m working with words, and from my point of view things don’t get better than that. The downside of being so busy, though, is that I’ve been way too quiet on social media, and I plan to redress the balance with immediate effect, starting with this ‘ere blog.

My big news is that my novel and I are now free from the publishers to whom we were tied for two years. Actually, I’m being kind. We’re free from the charlatans who took a naïve author for a ride three years ago and didn’t deliver on their promises. Any authors reading: please do not send your book to a vanity publisher. You’re more than welcome to get in touch with me and I’ll give you a whole host of advice to serve you and your work best.

Anyhow, I digress. In my spare time I’m working on an extensive edit of Dory’s Avengers and I plan a re-release next year. I’m not sure when, but hopefully earlier rather than later as I want my writing out there. Once I’ve finished self-editing I’ll hand over to the professionals, and the resultant streamlined Dory’s promises to be a mighty fine read.

Modest? Me? Never!

Please watch this space for more news over the coming months, and some blog posts too, I promise. Meanwhile I’d welcome your comments on my new prologue and blurb.


2 thoughts on “News! News!

  1. Good to see you’re working towards your re-release Alison – having gone through that this summer with 2 of mine before the third came out I can say it has been totally worth it. I’m so much happier with the end result. Look forward to hearing more in due course 🙂

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