Festive Flash Fiction – The Many-Eyed Alien

Yes I know, my ‘write a short story every week’ project did rather grind to a halt after the…ahem…second week. Best intentions and all that jazz! To make up for the lack of fictional entertainment on my blog over the last few weeks (or any entertainment whatsoever if I’m to be brutally honest), this week I will present you with not one, but two Christmassy short stories to get you in the mood for the festive season. Ho ho ho!

The first story is a little gem (not a turkey, I hope) that came to me while watching telly last night.


The Many-Eyed Alien

Alien www.wired.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.wired.com

Bored with watching television, the human glanced around the room from her place on the sofa. Staring back from the computer table opposite was a many-eyed alien.

Raising her eyebrows in surprise, the human looked again. A row of large unblinking eyes was definitely returning her gaze.

More curious than disturbed, the human crossed over the room and investigated the alien at close range.

It wasn’t a many-eyed alien at all. It was a roll of shiny Christmas ribbon reflecting the tree lights across the room.

“Duh!” said the human out loud, laughing. “And that reminds me…”

As the human went off in search of paper and scissors to make a start on the Christmas wrapping, the many-eyed alien blessed his chameleon-like disguise and settled back into planning world domination, blissfully unaware that he was about to be cut into pieces and used to decorate a pile of presents.

Ribbon www.ebay.co.uk

Photo courtesy of http://www.ebay.co.uk


Having neither the level of courage nor curiosity of the human in this story, I never did find out what was staring unblinkingly at me from behind my computer last night. Perhaps it was a many-eyed alien planning world domination. I guess we’ll never know for sure, unless he succeeds…

Please join me again tomorrow for a heart-warming romance for Christmas Eve. Yes, you did read that correctly – I’ve written a love story!

Holly www.iconarchive.com-

Photo courtesy of http://www.iconarchive.com


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