A deep sadness descended on the grand old London townhouse that night…

Gymnast Louis Trevelyan is baffled. Why in his early twenties has he suddenly started having visions? Who is the man trying to make contact, why is he being held prisoner somewhere in an unfamiliar city, and how does he know Louis’s name?

Hidden away for his entire life in the north of England, Louis has grown up blissfully unaware of the brutal oppression exercised by the dictatorial Sponsorship Scheme throughout the rest of the UK. Far from being the benevolent guardians they portray themselves to be, the Sponsors rule by fear and cruelty – and as Louis is about to discover, the cruellest of all is the Scheme’s leader, Lord Bassenford.

Leaving the safety of his Lake District home behind, Louis sets out on a journey to investigate the meaning behind his mysterious visions, and in doing so finally learns the truth about the people around him. What he discovers will change his life for ever.

Cover art by James Willis of Spiffing Covers.



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