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Please click on image for more information about Alison’s Editing Service.

Need an editor? Alison’s Editing Service is now open for business. I charge £5 per 1,000 words (£1.25 per 250 words) rounded down to the nearest 250. If your manuscript is 50,000 words or more, the first 5,000 words will be edited FREE OF CHARGE.

I have experience in editing fiction, and have had positive feedback from the authors with whom I’ve worked:

Alison Jack did a wonderful job editing The Martlet. She did a meticulous job on the grammar without taking away from my voice. Even more importantly, she found some points that made complete sense in my head, but didn’t make sense to her as a reader. So now I know what to expand on and a few places to cut. This was something I was very concerned about. Her comments were easy to understand and she was a joy to work with.

 Elizabeth Guizzetti Author of ‘The Martlet’.
‘Great editing service,’ says Sophia Valentine, author ‘Life of an Ibiza Worker’ – click here for more.

TheCorporeal Pull‘ by Sara B Gauldin – Click here for Amazon link and look inside


Blind Sight‘ by C G Ayling. The author said, ‘I will be delighted to mention your work on both my website and on Twitter, … you did an outstanding job in a remarkably short period of time.’


The Tsunami That Reshaped America‘ by James Mercer. Amazon UK link. Amazon USA link. James said, ‘Final editing by Alison Jack (Alison’s Editing Service) greatly improved the economy of words and readability of The Tsunami.’


Children’s books ‘Nozzlehead and the Five Alarm Fire’, ‘Nozzlehead and the Funny Little Mask’ and ‘The Fire Engine With Square Wheels’ by T J Spencer


The Dinner Party– A short story by R.L.Tighe.

My service offers the following:
  • Fiction editing. I’ll take on any genre aimed at an adult or teenage market.
  • Manuscripts of 50,000 words or more get the first 5,000 words edited FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Subsequent editing will be priced at £5 per thousand words. The remaining word count will be rounded down to the nearest 250.
  • I won’t crush your unique voice and re-write your work.
  • I guarantee that every word of your manuscript will be read by a human being (me) and not by a computer programme.
  • I specialise in British English, but am happy to offer editing in American English if preferred.
  • I shall require your manuscript as a Word document.

For more information please click on the image at the top of the page to visit my website.

If you’d like to book a slot or make an enquiry, please click on the image at the top of the page or fill in the contact form below. I look forward to working with you.

Examples of my writing can be found elsewhere on this blog, and include a prologue and chapter one Taster of my novel DORY’S AVENGERS.


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    • I’m delighted to hear that. If you decide you would like me to edit for you please get in touch via the contact form below. To start with I’ll need to know the length of your manuscript and when it will be ready for editing.

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    • I’m delighted to hear I’ve been recommended! I’d be happy to edit shorts as long as they’re works of fiction, but please be aware that manuscripts of less than 50,000 words are not eligible for the ‘Try before you buy’ offer. If you would like to fill in the contact form above, then I will contact you via email with more details.

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