Dory’s Soundtrack Song of the Day: What A Beautiful Day – The Levellers

Thursday 29 August

‘What a beautiful day, hey-hey,

What a beautiful day,

And nothing is impossible in my own powerful way.’

Or, as I’ve been known to sing:

‘Nothing is impossible in my improbable way.’

Either set of lyrics will do. What a beautiful day indeed, for today my dream DorysAvengers Cover Artcomes true. Dory’s Avengers, my debut novel, my beautiful book, is published. The sun is shining, the Champagne is on ice and I’m about ready to burst with excitement! If you’re in Cambridge this evening and would like to pop along to Waterstones at 6pm I would be delighted to welcome you to my book launch. Otherwise, thank you for following An Authors View, and I hope you have enjoyed Dory’s Soundtrack this week. There are plenty more blogs yet to come. Today is merely the start of something wonderful.

What A Beautiful Day – The Levellers