10 September 2013

It’s not often that I embrace an American word to my oh so British heart, but I will make an exception for the word ‘klutz’. It sounds like what it is – a clumsy person – and describes me to a tee.

This morning I started a new cleaning job, working for a very nice lady who lives less than five minutes’ walk from my home. An ideal job really, but within an hour of starting work I’d had my first disaster.

Plop! Over went a jar of peppercorns.

Pop! Off came the lid.

Scamper went the peppercorns, all over the kitchen floor.

Luckily my new employer wasn’t cross in the slightest. In fact, she found the sight of me chasing peppercorns around her kitchen with a dustpan and brush so hilariously funny that she’s probably still laughing as I write, many hours later.

Peppercorns are slippery little customers. As fast as I swept them into the dustpan they’d scoot out again at a zillion MPH, seeking refuge under the kitchen appliances and laughing in their peppercorn-ish way at their owner’s new klutz of a cleaner.