Dory’s Soundtrack Song of the Day: Long Live Rock ‘n Roll – Rainbow

Wednesday 28 August

It’s the day before the Dory’s Avengers Book Launch, which makes this the penultimate Dory’s Soundtrack blog as the countdown is almost complete. I am so excited about tomorrow that the hairs stand up on my arms at the mere mention of the date. There’s still a lot to organise, so as soon as this blog is posted I am off out and about in town, armed with my trusty ‘To do’ list and a burning desire to bring Dory’s Avengers to the attention of the Cambridge folk.

I’ve never actually revealed until now what Dory’s Avengers is. I say ‘is’ rather than ‘are’ because, to begin with, ‘Dory’s Avengers’ is the name of a band. The name comes to signify much more than this as the story progresses, but to start with Dory’s Avengers is simply a good old pub covers band.

Of course, bands need songs to play. I’d written a good third of the story by the time Dory’s Avengers play their first ‘gig’. Up until this point the tale had flowed quite easily, but I found myself completely stumped by the simple task of choosing a song for the band to play. It had to be the right song, a rousing song, a song that could be belted out with enthusiasm.

A radio DJ came to my rescue as I sat staring at a blank screen while mentally scrolling through my cd collection. My partner Andy and I are big fans of Planet Rock, being a couple of old rockers ourselves, and our favourite show at the time was hosted by Nicky Horne.

As my mental cd catalogue was failing to give me any song ideas, Nicky Horne chose exactly the right moment to play today’s track. Of course. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll; noble sentiments indeed, and a track that covered all my requirements.

Thus, Nicky Horne chose Dory’s Avengers’ theme tune.

Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll – Rainbow