Pavarotti in the Pavilion (AKA Something Silly for Saturday)

Have I mentioned that I’m terrified of thunder? I am absolutely whimperingly petrified of thunder – not of lightning, which could do me real harm, but of the angry growly noise that follows. As a matter of fact I love watching lightning, but I have to clap my hands over my ears after the flash or resign myself to shrieking like Ned Flanders.


Ellesmere, Shropshire. Photo by Stewart Mackellar, reproduced courtesy of BBC News.

Where I live, the last few days have been scorchio. My partner’s taxi recorded an outside temperature yesterday of 33 degrees Celsius, which is crazy hot for England. Unfortunately for me, hot = thunderstorms, and I managed to get caught out in one this morning while walking across the local recreation ground. In between pathetically begging the thunder to go away and leave me alone, I idly wondered if Pavarotti would be singing in the cricket pavilion.

Thunder over the rec

Thunderstorm over the rec. No lightning, just thunder

Guess what – he was there, practising his scales.

Pavilion Plaque

…And is frequented by opera singers

OK, it’s highly unlikely that the great Luciano himself makes a regular guest appearance in the cricket pavilion of a south Cambridgeshire village, but a tenor with a pretty good voice does flex his vocal cords on a regular basis in this humble location. I often hear him as I scoot around the village to clean various houses, and he always makes me smile. Our cricket pavilion has its very own opera singer. I love random things like that, and this morning, as I took shelter from the storm under the pavilion’s porch, he helped take my mind off the scary thunder.


Gimme shelter!

It was a sweet moment.

Here’s Luciano Pavarotti (not my pavilion tenor) singing the beautiful Nessum Dorma. Enjoy!


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